Listeriosis shock

The announcement by the Department of Health (DoH) on Sunday that the source of the nationwide listeriosis outbreak had been traced to the Enterprise facility in Polokwane and Rainbow Chicken Ltd in the Free State has sparked a mass clearing of products related to the brand names in supermarkets.

Such was also the case in Louis Trichardt. With Sunday being a popular shopping day, shoppers at the local Checkers watched in amazement as staff hastily cleared shelves of all products bearing the two brand names. Soutpansberg Spar and other local supermarkets followed suit.

A screen shot of a short video taken by a customer at Checkers on Sunday, showing how staff hastily removed possibly affected processed meat products from their shelves, shortly after the announcement by the Minister of Health that the current listeriosis outbreak had been traced to the Enterprise food-production facility in Polokwane.

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Date:08 March 2018

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