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Was the VBS “minority” champion the victim of a scam?

News: 22 April 2019

A company claiming to represent the minority shareholders of VBS Mutual Bank, is fighting to have the liquidation of this bank reversed. The company also wants the SA Reserve Bank to release the $825 million they believe was paid to them that was earmarked for development projects in South Africa.

Written by: Anton van Zyl

Crime at all-time high at Mutsha Khwekhwe

News: 21 April 2019 By Elmon Tshikhudo

Crime at Mutsha Khwekhwe outside Louis Trichardt has become a thorny issue that the community is struggling to deal with. The area has been overwhelmed with violent crimes such as murder, attacks on residents, rapes and robberies, among others.

Back to the drawing board for Royal Family?

News: 19 April 2019 By Anton van Zyl

The Mphephu-Ramabulana royal family council will have to revisit the succession question and make another proposal as to who should be the new king or queen of the Vhavenda. This time, however, the royal family will have to take other factors in consideration, one being the legal requirement to promote gender equality.


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Huge sponsorship for Magau United

Sport: 20 April 2019

A netball and soccer team of Magau United recently received a huge boost of tracksuits, netball kit, balls and soccer kits from Adv Maxwell Sikhutshi. 

Written by: Kaizer Nengovhela


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Maru to record DVD live during weekend concert

Entertainment: 31 March 2019

The well-known gospel singer, Marubini “Maru” Rahulani, plans on recording her new album live during a concert at the Madombidzha Amazing Grace AFM Church tomorrow (Saturday).

Written by: Kaizer Nengovhela