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Granny Rebecca celebrates 104th birthday

News in brief: 12 July 2024 By Silas Nduvheni

The rural village of Thengwe Mutangula nearly came to a standstill on Saturday, 6 July, as the children and relatives of Granny Rebecca Nditsheni Tshisudzungwane celebrated her 104th birthday.

News in brief

Google can now say 'ndo livhuwa'

News in brief: 12 July 2024 By Thembi Siaga

The recent inclusion of the Tshivenda language in Google Translate has been warmly welcomed by the people of the Vhembe District. Google Translate has made significant strides in overcoming language barriers through its latest expansion, driven by artificial intelligence.


Death of popular Venda soapie Muvhango comes as a shock

News: 13 July 2024

The end of an era has arrived with the last episode of the popular television soapie, Muvhango, airing last Thursday. For 27 years, this beloved series was a staple in hundreds of thousands of households, with fans following the lives of their favourite characters as if they were real. Now that the series has ended, many local actors who were part of Muvhango from its inception can only reminisce about the “good old days”.

'I have no enemies, so why try and burn down my house?'

News: 12 July 2024 By Elmon Tshikhudo

The community of Itsani Thivhulawi, and the Mbumi family in particular, are left with many unanswered questions after an arson incident that razed part of a four-room house owned by Mr Khathutshelo Mbumi.

Not coal, but solar power to fuel project, says MMSEZ

News: 12 July 2024 By Andries van Zyl

The Musina Makhado Special Economic Zone (MMSEZ) CEO, Mr Lehlogonolo Masoga, confirmed on Monday that they had completely abandoned their plans for a coal-fired power station in favour of renewable power solutions.

No deal or agreement reached regarding nuclear power for MMSEZ

News: 12 July 2024 By Andries van Zyl

The CEO of the Musina Makhado Special Economic Zone (MMSEZ), Mr Lehlogonolo Masoga, has categorically stated that no deal or agreement had been signed between the MMSEZ and Stratek Global regarding the possible use of small, modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) to power the proposed development.

Musina under siege amidst fight for political power

News: 12 July 2024 By Elmon Tshikhudo

The relatively small municipality of Musina is caught in the crossfire between two warring factions within the ANC. Both groups are hurling abuse at each other and calling for action, but while the fighting continues, the residents in the region are left without proper services.

MMSEZ pushes for township development

News: 12 July 2024 By Andries van Zyl

Five-hundred apartment blocks, 3,204 medium-sized erven, and 801 large-sized erven are among what is envisaged as part of the Musina Makhado Special Economic Zone (MMSEZ) planned township development on their southern site (Mopane). This is according to their notice of application for township development as advertised in both the Zoutpansberger and Limpopo Mirror over the past month.

Vhavenda Vho Nthuseni Randima passes away

News: 11 July 2024

Vhavenda Vho Nthuseni Randima will always be remembered as a royal elder and advisor who strove to protect the existence and dignity of traditional leadership. Vho Nthuseni passed away last Saturday (6 July) at the Donald Fraser Hospital at the age of 65 after battling an illness.

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McDonald’s yo rwela ṱari fulo ḽa ‘Know Our Food’

Vha McDonald’s fhano Afrika Tshipembe vho rwela ṱari fulo ḽavho ḽine ndi ḽau ḓivhadza vharengi vhavho nga ha vhuleme ha zwiḽiwa zwavho, nau ombedzela ha khamphani nga ha nḓila dzine vha dzudzanya ngayo zwiḽiwa zwavho vhatshiela vharengi.

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Sport headlines:

Eight teams in battle to claim ABC Foundation trophy

Sport: 12 July 2024

The much-awaited ABC Foundation Soccer Tournament will be staged at the Tshishivhe Grounds in the Mutale area this weekend. Eight teams from Tshilamba and the surrounding areas will battle it out for the championship.


Fabulous prizes in Funanani Ndou Attorneys tournament

Sport: 12 July 2024 By Frank Mavhungu

This weekend marks the beginning of the Funanani Ndou Soccer Tournament. The tournament was officially launched during a ceremony at Khubvi Primary School last Friday, 5 July. Thirty-two teams from around Vhembe will participate in the tournament.

Will Young Stars pay for Rodadau’s defeat?

Sport: 12 July 2024 By Frank Mavhungu

The ball will continue to roll this weekend for teams affiliated with the Limpopo Stream of the Sasol Women’s League. Seven matches are scheduled for Saturday, with only one match slated for Sunday afternoon.

Sheryl chosen again to represent Team SA at Paris Paralympics

Sport: 12 July 2024 By Andries van Zyl

Another proud moment for both the James family and the Soutpansberg arrived with the news that local Paralympic medallist Sheryl James from Louis Trichardt was officially selected for the South African Paralympic team to represent the country at the upcoming Paris Paralympic Games.

FC Basel are the Vhembe champs and walk away with R60,000

Sport: 11 July 2024 By Frank Mavhungu

FC Basel will have no one else to blame if they fail to advance in the provincial promotional playoffs, which will be hosted by the Sekhukhune region. The exact date of the matches is yet to be announced. The team received well wishes from Dr Phophi Ramathuba, the Premier of Limpopo Province, and from all mayors of local municipalities falling under Vhembe District Municipality. This occurred during a ceremony held at Thohoyandou Stadium last Saturday afternoon.

Morning Stars ready to shine over Sisters

Sport: 05 July 2024 By Frank Mavhungu

After a two-week break, the struggle for promotion and to avoid relegation will continue this weekend among the teams affiliated with the Limpopo Stream of the Sasol Women’s League. Four matches are scheduled for Saturday afternoon, with the same number of matches set for Sunday.




Mashavha makes music, despite his speech disorder

Entertainment: 13 July 2024

“No disorder formed against me shall prosper.” This is the motto of Thomas Mashavha (59) from Midoroni village outside Louis Trichardt. Mashavha suffers from a speech disorder called malimi in Tshivenda, which causes him to pronounce words differently from the normal pronunciation.