Young Avhaandi tries to give hope to the youth

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A young township girl has become the toast of her community after producing homemade chili sauce. Ms. Avhaandi Muofhe Mafenya, from Golgotha in Thohoyandou, started planting different chilies initially meant only for her household use. Today, the N5 electrical-engineering student at North Tech in Thohoyandou has turned her passion into a business. She now produces chilies that she transforms into sauce sold to locals.

Her unique homemade sauce has made her the talk of the town and a beacon of hope for township and rural children. “It all started as a hobby in 2020, and I turned it into a passion with very positive results. That’s when the idea of breaking the value chain came into being and the birth of Chili Chow sauce. It’s fast becoming a household name and a popular brand. I can tell you I am a very passionate entrepreneur and chili-sauce enthusiast, and I have turned my love for spicy flavours into a thriving business.”

“I always had a green thumb and a flair for cooking, and I began cultivating chilies in my backyard, experimenting with various varieties and recipes to create the perfect blend,” she said. With a vision of sharing her homemade chili sauce with the world, Mafenya founded her own branded sauce in April 2024. She single-handedly manages the entire production process, from planting and harvesting chilies to bottling and labelling the final product. Her dedication to quality and consistency has earned her a loyal customer base.

“I am a living testimony that one can start from scratch and that, with hard work and dedication, everything is possible. I now challenge all unemployed youths to stand up and reach for their dreams. South Africa is a country full of opportunities, and we cannot all wait for the government to provide us with jobs. Farming is one of the options we can pursue, not only waiting to sell raw products. We can break the value chain and process our produce locally, like what I am doing at home,” she said.

Through her business, Mafenya aims to not only share her passion for chili sauce but also support local agriculture and contribute to the community’s economic growth. With her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence, Mafenya is poised to make a lasting impact in the culinary world. She can be followed on social media as Avhaandi Muofhe Mafenya: The Chili Sauce Entrepreneur.



Avhaandi Muofhe Mafenya shows off her product.


By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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