New single for DJ Makhanthi

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Afro-house musician Shudufhadzo Muofhe, also known as DJ Makhanthi on the Deck, remains steadfast in his commitment to producing high-quality music. His latest album, “Mali,” released on 7 June, has garnered an enthusiastic response from fans, affirming his continued success. Collaborating with Misstwaggy from KwaZulu-Natal and Zocarah from Malawi on this album further demonstrates his versatility and collaborative spirit.

DJ Makhanthi gained prominence with his debut album, “Ziyawa,” in 2021, and has since maintained momentum in his career. Despite pressure to release his third album, he prioritises delivering a product that resonates with his audience.

Muofhe has dedicated significant effort to refining his craft, and his latest project reflects this commitment. He emphasises, “I would rather postpone the project’s release date than produce substandard work for my fans,” underscoring his dedication to quality and excellence in music production.

Listeners can expect a more mature sound in his latest compositions, which Muofhe believes sets his music apart. Fearless in addressing societal taboos through his lyrics, he states, “I am not merely singing for the sake of it. I am a composer who aims to provoke thought with profound lyrics that prompt reflection. As Africans, we know the principles that guide our peace and harmony.”

Beyond his music, Muofhe actively mentors young talent, viewing them as pivotal to the genre's future. He invests in their development, ensuring the longevity and evolution of Afro-house music.



DJ Makhanthi on the Deck has released a new album. Photo supplied.


By: Kaizer Nengovhela

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