Mpho ‘Poroza’ Ragimana’s online radio station, Poro FM, will soon be broadcasting from the backyard of his home village. Photo supplied.

Poroza to start his own online radio station


Mpho Ragimana, better known as Poroza in the local gospel music industry, will soon start his very own online radio station, and this from the backyard of his home village, Tshithuthuni in Thengwe.

“Based in the rural area, the station will be a voice for the voiceless,” Poroza said. “We will cover successful stories by ordinary people, which will help to build our community’s confidence. Over and above [that], young people will be able to use the radio station as a steppingstone for a career in broadcasting.”

If all goes well, Poro FM will go on air in three months’ time. “I have already acquired some of the machinery and I’m busy doing the final touch-ups in the studio, which is housed in my garage at home. I believe that, for a start, it would be better to broadcast from home and then move out as the radio station grows bigger and is able to generate revenue,” said the young gospel star. At the moment, though, he has no sponsors and finances this initiative from his own pocket, using his income from his music sales and farming project.

Ragimana encourages other young people from rural areas to stand up and fulfil their own dreams, rather than to wait for someone else to make it happen for them. “As young people, we are the future of this country, and it is upon us to build the future while we still have time to do it.”

He welcomes individuals and stakeholders who would like to contribute to the success of Poro FM. Anyone who might be interested to work with Ragimana can contact him on 083 715 8824 or visit the radio station’s Facebook page (Poro-FM).




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