Jayesh Patel is a blessing to the villagers of Malale where he stays.

Jayesh Patel embodies spirit of ubuntu at Malale village


Diversity and different cultural practices should never be a barrier to unity and togetherness. This is the view of Jayesh Patel (39), an Indian national who has found a home in the deep rural village of Malale, outside Musina. Patel, who relocated to Malale in 2011, has become a beacon of hope to the locals as a saviour who arrived in their village when they needed him most.

Patel was hailed an instant hero when he assisted the local community in accessing water when the motor of the local borehole pump was non-operational, leading to a shortage of water in the village. Without thinking twice, Patel drove to Musina at his own cost and bought a new motor worth R9,000 for the villagers, which was immediately installed for them to access water. At times, Patel also donates food parcels to underprivileged families in the village. He also works with local leaders in community-building initiatives and provides financial assistance where necessary.

When asked why he uses his own money to assist the local villagers without expecting anything in return, Patel said that since he moved to the village in 2011, he had been treated with love and respect by everyone. “These people always show me love, and I don’t regret the decision to come and stay in this village with my wife and daughter. It is good to share the little things one has with the people surrounding you, rather than enjoying a good meal while people around you are brutalised by hunger and poverty. Most of the people around here are less fortunate, and I feel fulfilled when I put a smile on their faces.”

Patel said he previously owned shops, but he left the trading industry and ventured into farming. “With almost all my brothers and sisters in trading and shop ownership, I had to decide to venture into something new and sustainable. Through my farm, Pramukh Enterprise, I am producing tomatoes, and I have created employment for previously unemployed people in this area. I believe that what I’m doing for this community will also encourage my brothers and sisters to assist underprivileged community members around them.”

A local villager, Tsiru Nemalale, said Patel was a blessing in the village, and they appreciated all the good things he did for them. “He never thinks twice when we need assistance from him. We appreciate him, and we thank God for giving us such a wonderful gift in him.”



Date:31 March 2024


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