Grade 7 learners at Maboi Primary wear their masks donated by Soutpan Solar Power. Photo supplied.

Soutpan Solar helping thousands of learners to keep safe


Soutpan Solar Power at Vivo has responded to a call from the district department of education for schools in the Blouberg Municipality to provide 4 000 learners with cloth masks that will last learners for a six-months-to-one-year period, in addition to what the department will provide.

“Schools across Limpopo have reopened, with educators and staff working determinedly to make sure that the necessary safety precautions are in place to keep learners and staff safe each day, which is why we’ve helped by providing face masks and sanitisers to schools across the two circuits closest to our solar farm,” says Harrisinah Theka, economic development officer for Soutpan Solar Power, in a press release.

Soutpan Solar Power states in the release that they have directed a large portion of their socio-economic development funds to providing schools with adequate masks and sanitisers, catering for 2 000 Grade 7 learners and 2 000 Grade 12 learners. This includes 28 primary schools and 19 high schools from the Bahananwa North and South circuits.

“Masks and sanitisers are being provided to schools, via the Department of Education, so that teachers, learners, and staff can follow the necessary regulations and safety measures put in place to help reduce the risk of infection,” said Theka.

Learners, educators, and support staff are also expected to undergo orientation and training as each grade commences.




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