Thovhele Vho-Midiyavhathu Kennedy Tshivhase (middle) gives a word of advice to young traditional leaders Musanda Vho-Muvhango Mpfuneni Takalani (18) of Mukula (left) and Musanda Vho-Tshinetise Tshedza Ravhura (17) of Makonde.

Words of wisdom for teenager traditional leaders


“The preservation of our culture, traditions and indigenous practices lies upon you as young traditional leaders. You might be young, but the position you hold makes you older than anyone in the village you rule.”

These were the words of advice of senior traditional leader Thovhele Vho-Midiyavhathu Kennedy Tshivhase to two young traditional leaders, Musanda Vho-Muvhango Mpfuneni Takalani (18) of Mukula and Musanda Vho-Tshinetise Tshedza Ravhura (17) of Makonde. Tshivhase said this during his recent visit to Makonde village.

He said the fact that these traditional leaders were young did not mean that people should not respect them. “If you do not respect these young traditional leaders, it means that you do not respect your heritage as Africans. They might be young, but their responsibility is very huge,” he said.

“Overseeing everyone in the village is a very difficult job, but we are happy that you have several community structures to support you when you execute your duties. The municipalities and various government departments are there to help you. Always approach them whenever you need assistance in the development of your villages.”

Tshivhase urged the young traditional leaders to seek wisdom from their elders when ruling their villages. “Your tribal councils are there to help you to execute your duties with ease. Take advice from selected reliable elders who will not mislead you.”

He advised the young traditional leaders to take education seriously, so that they could lead their subjects with wisdom. “I’m happy that you are both still at school and progressing well. Besides your God-given position, everyone will respect you if you are educated. Education broadens your horizons and you will be able to view the world from various angles. An educated leader sets a very good example to his subjects, who will also follow in his footsteps, thereby making the whole community educated.”




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