The Soutpansberg Community Development Organisation and Mukwetha AP Foundation are pleading with community members to assist the Matumba family in Dopeni village, who recently lost their home in a fire. Photo: Maanda Bele.

Organisations offer ray of light to destitute Matumba family


The Matumba family from Dopeni village found themselves destitute after their house was allegedly burnt down by disgruntled family members in April this year. A ray of light is, however, shining through for Takalani Mavhungu Matumba, his wife and two small children as local organisations stepped in to help.

At around dusk on Wednesday, 13 April, Takalani’s wife Bridget was busy preparing dinner for her family when she suddenly noticed people busy cutting her fence to get into their yard. “I smelled petrol and went outside to see what was happening. They were busy dousing the house with petrol from a 20-litre bucket, so I rushed back into the house to rescue my children,” she said.

Their house and everything they owned burnt to ashes that day. Since then, they have had to squat at their neighbours’ houses. “We cannot afford to build another house as we are not working and survive on odd jobs,” added Takalani.

The family members called on a number of organisations and people, but no one was willing to help. Then, one day, a Good Samaritan from the Soutpansberg Community Development Organisation showed up, donated groceries and offered to build them a two-room house.

Ms Lufuno Jennifer Tshivhase, a co-ordinator for the organisation, confirmed that the construction of the house is currently under way. They are appealing to other sponsors to help them, so that they can add another room for the family.

Another local organisation, the Mukwetha AP Foundation, also visited the Matumba family on Wednesday, 29 June, to donate more groceries and blankets. The founder of the organisation, Ms Mukhetwa Mukhesi, called on members of the public to reach out and help the family as they have lost all of their belongings in the fire. “The situation here is very sad, and there are little children involved. We are requesting the community to help this family in whichever why they can, be it with clothes, food or any kind of household utilities,” she said.

Those who wish to assist can contact Takalani Matumba directly on 079 308 7580.



Date:24 July 2022 - By: Maanda Bele

Maanda Bele

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