Isaac Musekwa, a welder from Musina, with one of the braai stands he made. He wants to transfer his welding skills to unemployed young people.

If you have a skill, use it


Isaac Musekwa, a renowned local welder from Musina, urges unemployed people to use their vocational skills to earn an income, instead of resorting to criminal activities. He is even willing to share his skills with interested young, unemployed people around his community, to help them find an honourable way of putting food on their tables.

Musekwa says he becomes very disturbed when he learns about the rising crime statistics. “Everywhere you go, people are complaining about crime. But people who commit crimes have the skills that they can use to improve their lives and those of others around them. I am sending a strong message to my fellow community members out there that we should work hard to put some food on the table. If you have a skill, you must take it as a blessing from God. I urge those who still think of doing crime to throw that mentality into the dustbin, because they can make money by honestly working hard.”

Musekwa used to work with his uncle, who was a welder, when he was still young. “I was a handyman for him, and I was looking at everything he did. At times, when he took a short break from work, I would create something artistic with the welding machine. He kept on commending me for my impressive work and it motivated me to do more. That is why, even today, welding is my first love because it brings food to the table.”

He says although the outbreak of Covid-19 has negatively affected his small business, things are starting to improve again after some of the lockdown regulations have been relaxed. “It was difficult to go out and work because we were restricted to family visits. Sometimes I was forced to reduce prices because customers would complain that they were not working, and they had no money. Things are now looking better because I am now able to go out and work in various places for my customers without many restrictions.”

Musekwa creates wonders through his welding skills. He does braai stands, flowerpots, burglar proofing, car ports and working tools such as spades and wheelbarrows. He invites young people who would like to learn how to weld to call him on tel. 0606816361.




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