Sithubi Fulufhelo 2 months ago

i am so happy that my father was given a decent funeral in the area. I would like to thank the family, local communitty and members of New Galilee church who were there for us during this grieving time. Every person who made it possible during this time and came to bid such farewell and last respect to my dad. I would also like to thank Limpopo Mirror who publish this portion of the funeral. All citizen of Lwamondo and the surrounding areas who came in numbers to bid the farewell to legend and respectable senior member of the community in the area. Sincere thanks to the family leader Mr. N.P Sithubi who guided us through from the beginning to the end of the funeral. Lastly I would also like to thank my younger sister Ntanganedzeni Thifhulufhelwi and her husband Mr. Ramudzuli Thifulufhelwi who did a wonderful job during the preparation of the funeral. To the family I would like to apologise for every misunderstanding that took place during conversation and arrangements, however, everything were done to lay my dad in peace. Rest in peace Ndou ya Vhutanda. On behalf of Lukwere maakhanudo, Mashie, Mafune, Mulambilu and Tshamasheleni family would like to say "Rea leboha".