The late Meshack Muedi will be buried tomorrow.

Fireman pays ultimate price


A dark cloud is hanging over the Muedi family of Dzwerani Mahematshena. This follows the death of firefighter Meshack Muedi.

Muedi (38), the father of two little children, and two of his colleagues who worked for the city of Johannesburg's fire department succumbed to their injuries while fighting a fire at the Bank of Lisbon building at Sauer Street in Johannesburg.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when he and other colleagues were battling a fire on the 23rd storey of the building.

His death has left his family devastated and in deep grief, struggling to come to terms with his unexpected demise.

The fire, which engulfed the top floors of the building, is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault. The building houses the departments of health and human settlements of the Gauteng government

Speaking at the deceased’s home at Dzwerani at the weekend, his cousin, Ms Tshifhiwa Christina Singo, said she had received the news that Muedi and his colleagues were trapped in a building where they were trying to extinguish a fire. "Immediately after receiving this news, we started praying with the hope that they would come out alive. It was almost an hour later that we received the disturbing news that my cousin passed on. That was one of the worst moments of my life. We are very devastated as a family," she said.

Singo said the other problem was how to relay the bad news to the whole family. She added that the deceased's mother, Ms Sophia Muedi, had to be taken to the clinic after hearing of the passing away of his son. "We are struggling as a family to accept he is gone. Meshack was a cheerful and loving person who cared for the whole family. He was a unifier of the whole family.”

Memorial services in honour of the three deceased took place at the Standard Bank Arena on Wednesday. Another one will be held this afternoon at 15:00 at Dzwerani.

Muedi will be buried on Saturday at the local cemetery.


The grief-stricken Muedi relatives commiserate with the family over their loss, following the death of Meshack Muedi.


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