Ward committee member Johannes Nare expresses his view during the IDP meeting at Madimbo.

Musina's vision, mission and values under scrutiny


The vision, mission and values of Musina Municipality are still relevant in advancing the objective of becoming a city soon. This was confirmed by representatives of stakeholders from all 12 wards during the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) Representative Forum meetings last Wednesday.

The first meeting was held at Madimbo and another one at the Nancefield municipal offices. Communities in all wards were earlier given opportunities to scrutinize the vision, mission and values of the municipality and during these meetings they gave back positive reports.

Municipal spokesperson Wilson Dzebu said that the municipality was satisfied with the level of community participation on issues that affected them. He said it was important for the municipality to go all out and meet the people and its stakeholders rather than to wait for the reports to be brought to the municipal offices.

“Engaging with people personally is one of the best ways to build relationships. The fact that community members and stakeholders come to our meetings in large numbers clearly reflects that they are ready to work with us to deliver efficient services.”

Dzebu says the new approach to local government must be developmental and should aim to overcome the poor planning of the past. “Meetings like these give communities the chance to participate in identifying their most important needs. The IDP process encourages all stakeholders who reside and conduct business in Musina to participate in the preparation and implementation of the development plan. This type of engagement with the communities helps us to plan future developments because it involves the entire municipality and its citizens in finding the best solutions to achieve good long-term development.”

A ward committee member, Johannes Nare, is one of the people who attended the IDP meeting at Madimbo. “We are very pleased that the municipality engages us in everything that affects the community. We are always part of the planning process and this makes us feel that we are one family with the municipal leadership.”


Some of the representatives of the stakeholders who attended the IDP meeting at Madimbo Community Hall.


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