The leadership at Makuya, led by Thovhele Lavhelesani Makuya (third from left) and Chief Livhuwani Matsila (second from left), after the networking session at the Makuya Park gate, where the cultural village is to be built.

Makuya Cultural Village to benefit many residents


If the networking sessions between the Makuya Traditional authority under Thovhele Lavhelesani Makuya and visionary traditional leader Chief Livhuwani Matsila are anything to go by, the unemployed in the area will soon be able to care for their families.

On Monday, Chief Livhuwani Matsila of Matsila, whose developmental projects have become a symbol of hope for the rural poor, visited the Makuya area at the invitation of Thovhele Makuya.

During the visit, Matsila, who had created more than 500 jobs for his subjects by initiating sustainable projects back home, shared his valuable information and expertise on rural development with Makuya and his people.

Top of the agenda was the Makuya game-farming project, the establishment of a cultural village for tourists, job creation, skills development and local economic development, including ecotourism.

Thovhele Makuya said he was shattered when the local Tshikondeni Mine closed, shedding many jobs for his subjects. "We could not just sit down and fold our arms as if nothing had happened. We had to come up with fresh ideas of creating employment and development for our people.”

He added that they were blessed that the area was rich in natural resources that could be transformed into sustainable jobs. “Our plan is to start a cultural village that will serve tourists, just at the Makuya Park gate. It will also create jobs for our people, while at the same time giving tourist the feel of rural life," said Makuya.

He further indicated that they had plans but did not have the know-how to start, and that was the reason they invited Vhafuwi-Vho Matsila to come and assist them. "The Matsila model of rural development is hope enough for us as traditional leaders that if we care for our subjects, a better life is possible, no matter in which part of the country we are.”

Chief Matsila, who has embarked on a campaign to help other traditional leaders on issues of development, said he was humbled by the invite. "As traditional leaders we are tasked with looking after our subjects and we can achieve this if we assist each other. For me, rural development has become a passion that I will preach wherever I go.”



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Date:23 October 2017 - By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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