Local actor sets up his own production company

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A local actor, Nyambeni Robert Munyamela, wants to establish his own production company to train aspiring television actors from the area, enabling them to compete equally with others nationwide.

The Makwarani-born actor is best known for his roles in the popular SABC 2 soapie, “Muvhango”. He has also performed in more than 20 radio dramas at national radio stations.

Speaking to Limpopo Mirror on Sunday morning, Munyamela recalled that his love for acting began while he was at Makwarela Primary School in 1993. “I was involved in a stage drama with other kids, but I was fortunate enough to attend stage drama workshops at the University of Venda under the guidance of Dakalo Kwinda,” he said.

In 1997, he began acting in radio dramas on Phalaphala FM while still at Vhutavhatsindi Secondary School. “Many were surprised how I acted in dramas on a national radio station while in Standard 9. But when you’re talented and have the will to succeed, age is no barrier,” he explained.

He was encouraged by teachers to write stories and teach other kids to participate in stage dramas at school, eventually leading to the creation of an art class producing many stage dramas. On Phalaphala FM, he was known by names such as Vho Biriki, Mavhele, Bra Maputra, Materi, and recently as Vho Jomboro.

In 2007, he ventured into television, portraying Mmbengeni Nekhavhambe in “Muvhango” on SABC 2. Later, he played a traditional leader in the same soapie.

In addition to acting, he produced reggae musician Khakhathi Tshisikule’s video “Vhafari vha Piki” and collaborated with musician Makhadzi on her music video “Tshanda iya, Tshanda vhuya”. He wrote, directed, and produced his own movie called “Nndwa ya mato” in 2009, recorded in Matangari village and Thohoyandou, which performed well in the market. He has also produced other movies such as “Vhadowa”, “Black Jew”, and “Grade 10”. Currently, he acts in “Uzalo”, aired on SABC 1 from Monday to Friday at 20:30.



Nyambeni Robert Munyamela, a local actor who is currently working on “Uzalo”. Photo supplied.


By: Victor Mukwevho

Victor Mukwevho Ne-vumbani joined the Mirror during it's inception in 1990. He joined the SABC newsroom in 1995, and was known by  listeners as "A u fhedzisela ari". He was a news editor for The Tembisan Newspaper from 2007 to 2015. He rejoined the Limpopo Mirror newspaper in June 2022 as a freelance journalist.






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