Masiagwala reacts to “false and malicious” article

Date: 06 July 2018   Read: 37114

Traditional leader NW Masiagwala writes:

Re: False and malicious article published on 8 June 2018

I have noted with great sadness the article published on 8 June 2018 in your newspaper in which you have reported false information against me. I must say that the false and misleading information you have reported about me has maliciously damaged my reputation. It has come to my attention that in your article, you have falsely and maliciously reported the following:

That I have sold sites right in the yard of a secondary school,

That I have resold site belonging to a certain woman.

I wish to put it on record that this information is devoid of any truth and I believe this constitute reckless and malicious reporting. No step whatsoever was taken to verify these allegations, alternatively, nor attempt whatsoever was made to afford me an opportunity to reply.

Despite being advised by your informant not to publish these misleading allegations, you refuse to do so and ignored the consequences that may result by publishing this article. The reason why your informant has pleaded with you not to publish the information is that they realised that the information was devoid from any truth.

I am a traditional leader leading the community of Maungani. I have been occupying this position for 36 years. Under my leadership as a community leader, there has never been a case wherein I as the traditional leader was involved in the selling of stands or sites in the community. Each sub-village has a Mukoma who is responsible for allocating vacant sites. Occupied sites are sold by owners of the sites (developed or undeveloped) to buyers, which becomes a matter between the seller and buyer without the influence of the traditional leader or the Mukoma.

I must emphasise that I am a traditional leader leading the community of Maungani. I have a good name, which I have built for myself for many years. I have a good reputation, which you maliciously and deliberately tarnished for no good reason. I am also a businessman who does business with honesty. Your article has caused unnecessary damage to my good name in both capacities as traditional leader and businessman. The members of the community, as a direct consequence of your misleading and malicious article now think that I am not honest and that I am defrauding people. These are serious allegations.

I hereby request that you retract the false allegations you have published. I further request that you publish an apology in this regard.

Please be advised that my rights remain reserved.

Your positive response will be highly appreciated.

(Sir, Thank you for the letter of concern. It is, however, important that we must give you a little background of what happened with that report.

Our reporter was informed about an incident at a public school, where a stand was allegedly sold to a woman. He investigated the incident. It followed an open meeting by the parents of that school and they openly stated, “hands off our school yard.”

The chairperson of the SGB also informed our reporter about the incident where they found a person clearing bushes on the school yard and he even took photographs with them.

As a public watchdog, it is our duty and responsibility to investigate such incidents. It is, however, regrettable that we were suddenly informed that the story should be withdrawn, without giving us any reasons. An open discussion with the paper could have prevented all misunderstandings - Ed)



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