Music concert for social cohesion

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An array of popular Vhavenda and Xitsonga music artists has been lined up for the first VenShang Music Concert.

The concert seeks to foster social cohesion and create a good working relationship among artists from the two ethnic groups.

The festival, described as a “one of its kind” and dubbed “A hi Tivhaneni/Kha ri Divhane Music Concert” (let us know each other), is scheduled to take place at Tshaulu Mucheche at the Malala Business Centre on 16 June (Youth Day).

Concert coordinator and musician Takalani Netshivhodza said preparations had reached the final stage and that all systems were up and running, with artists ready and raring to give their best.

“This is going to be one of the biggest festivals to take place in this area this year. We have done our homework, and we have lined up the best Vhavenda and Vhatsonga musicians who will perform live on a state-of-the-art stage. The show starts at 18:00 and ends in the morning. Thirty-five artists and groups are lined up for the concert. Among the popular artists to perform are Ishy, Abel Chauke (Shingalana), Julius Mudau, Shigila Migilo, Ester Sinyegwe, and others,” he said.

Netshivhodza said his dream was to see artists from the two ethnic groups working together to uplift the arts and preserve culture.

“This project is long overdue. As Vhavenda and Vhatsonga artists, we should work as one. Artists do not operate in a vacuum but work with people. It is through collaborative work that we will succeed as artists. The barrier between Vhavenda and Vhatsonga artists should be demolished. We are one people separated only by language,” he said. He added that they had big plans for this project. “This is just the start, and we will soon have such concerts in the Malamulele area. We wholeheartedly thank Mr Ishy Malala of the Tshivenda Traditional Music Organisation for all the support, ” said Netshivhodza.

For further information, he can be contacted at 076-3728279.



The concert will be held on Sunday, 16 June. Photo supplied.


By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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Music concert for social cohesion

Entertainment: 08 June 2024 By Elmon Tshikhudo

An array of popular Vhavenda and Xitsonga music artists has been lined up for the first VenShang Music Concert.

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