Khedzi proves you can be a master of all trades

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Talented gospel music artist Khathu Khedzi has proved that one can be a jack of all trades and ultimately a master of all. Known for his vibrant gospel music, Khedzi has changed tune to make his presence felt with the release of his new Tshivenda reggae music single titled “Vhutshilo ndi vhili”.

Khedzi was born in Roodepoort, Gauteng, and grew up in Hakhakhu Thondoni village, where he attended primary and secondary school. He uses his music to inspire the broader community and change lives.

The road to success for Khedzi to be where he is today has been a long and winding one. A staunch Christian and member of the New Revelation Apostolic Church in Zion, Khedzi started his music career in church. He told Limpopo Mirror, “I was an active singer during church services and all the congregants were impressed with my beautiful voice. My vocal talent also got recognition from community members, and I was invited to sing at various social gatherings in my village. The giant step was when I was invited to join the local band, which was led by one of the teachers in the nearby village. Subsequently, I ended up leading the 48-member Mphagane Community Youth Choir, where we performed at funerals, parties, and wedding celebrations around Venda. My departure from Venda to Gauteng to pursue my studies after matric spelled the end of the band and the choir.”

In Gauteng, Khedzi joined the church choir, where he was a leading vocalist and a drummer. While studying, he recorded his debut gospel music album “Wena Uzothin”, which, to his surprise, was received well in the market. “In the process of promoting my debut album, I met Langa Dube, former Joyous Celebration member and promoter of the late Vuyo Mokoena, who helped me take my music to a higher level. My second gospel album, ‘A hu na a no nga Iwe’, featured established gospel artists Rofhiwa Manyaga and Sandile Makeke. This was followed by my third album, ‘Imikhulu Ngawe’, which is currently receiving fair airplay.”

He spoke about his envisioned future in the music industry: “I am happy that my reggae music single, ‘Vhutshilo ndi vhili’, is successfully penetrating the tough music industry. I would like to see my music breaking geographic boundaries and reaching people all over the world,” he said.



Gospel music artist Khathu Khedzi has released a new Tshivenda reggae single, titled “Vhutshilo ndi vhili”. Photo supplied.








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