Rural script writer defies all the odds

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Rendani Munzhelele (34) has proved beyond a doubt that a rural upbringing is not a stumbling block if one has the desire to succeed. Born and bred in the small village of Hamakuya Maholoni, Munzhelele is undoubtedly making her presence felt in the world of art and entertainment.

In 2018, Munzhelele published two novels, “Ho tanganana” and “Ndi felani”. As if that was not enough, she is now taking her rightful position in the space of film making.

A business-management graduate and current UNISA student, Munzhelele told Limpopo Mirror that she had discovered her passion for writing while she had still been a learner at the local Sumbana High School. “My teachers kept on complementing me that all my writings were above average, and I used to get top marks when it came to compositions and essays. After completing my Grade 12, I took it upon myself that I needed to expose my writing talent to the world, leading to the birth and publication of my two drama books in 2018. I am currently working on two additional drama manuscripts that I envisage publishing at the end of next year.”

She said film script writing had always been part of her dream, and without formal training, she did detailed research until she was equipped with the know-how. “In 2021, I wrote my first script for a movie titled ‘Africa’, which encourages Africans to love one another and it was also aimed at eradicating the incidents of xenophobia in our community. It was not easy because I had to recruit the camera crew and actors and also organise the venues without any financial backing. Luckily, they all understood and worked with me because they knew that although I don’t have money, I have the potential.”

Following the success of “Africa”, Munzhelele joined hands with her sister, Divhithani Munzhelele, and wrote “My Twin” under the Munzhelele Sisters Production title. Uploaded last year on YouTube, the movie is doing well with over 5,600 views, a huge achievement for rural folks who do not have proper resources and financial assistance. Six months ago, she joined hands with Doreen Bvuma and produced “Young Widow”, a movie under Ginya Force Production, which is also starting to gain some views on YouTube.

She says her aspiration is to have her films screened on television channels around the world. She also believes that her production will grow one day, and she will be able to link up with those who can assist her to realise her dreams.



Rendani Munzhelele of Hamakuya is the author of two books and she
is now making her presence felt in the film-script-writing industry. Photo supplied.








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