Muremela's book addresses questions young people ask

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After observing the many questions that children typically pose to their parents, such as those about love affairs and how to find the right partner, a well-known general medical practitioner in Thohoyandou, Dr Lutendo Samson Muremela, decided to try and answer these in a book.

Muremela’s book, titled “Common Questions Young People Ask”, is the fifth that flows from his pen. In this book, he explains that young people are naturally inquisitive and often ask questions that their parents may not know how to answer or are absent to respond to. Dr Muremela hopes that his book will assist households and families. He notes that parents sometimes shift the responsibility of answering such questions to teachers, assuming they spend more time with children.

He aims to save parents from awkward situations by providing a resource for adolescents to find answers to their questions. “I hope the book will save parents from blushing when their adolescent children or grandchildren ask those tough questions,” he said. The book is divided into two sections. In the first section, Dr Muremela deals with general questions, whereas he focuses on medical questions in the second section.

The book was edited by Dr Israel Mulaudzi and was endorsed by Pastor Robert Kharivhe, the president of the Living Gospel World Mission International. The book was officially launched on Saturday, 4 May, in the church hall of The Living Gospel World Mission’s Malavuwe branch.



Dr Lutendo Samson Muremela holds a copy of his newly published book, Common Questions Young People Ask. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.


By: Silas Nduvheni






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