Mrofha says she will continue to perform half naked

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Popular manyalo and house-music artist Mashudu Munyai has reacted angrily to negative social-media comments about her compromising dress code during a performance. Better known as Mrofha Cha Muimbi, the 22-year-old singer and dancer from Tshitanini Tshififi performed before a crowd at the Boxer circle in Thohoyandou on Saturday, 9 March.

During the show, the artist, who has three albums under her belt, dished out exciting music from her earlier albums and the new one, “U Tshila na Vhathu”, which was recorded in 2023. What excited some fans was not only the danceable music but also the way the musician was dressed. Half-naked in a pink swimming costume, Mrofha left her fans in awe and with mixed feelings about her exotic dance moves.

During the performance, a mini-drama unfolded when a man who had come with his wife nearly caused a fight because the man did not want to leave. The performance has since gone viral, with many youths applauding her, while others have criticised her way of dressing.

But Mrofha is unrepentant and says she did nothing wrong, as long as she can put food on the table through such performances. “I do not care what people say. My way of dressing is a strategy to keep my fans glued to me during my show. This is not something I do always as some of my clients would book me with specifications on how I should be dressed. I have to do as they want as they are paying me for that. As long as my detractors are not paying me, I will not stop but will do what is best for me,” she said.

Mrofha started as a backup singer for her mother, Jah Lady Ndivho, in 2018. Her beautiful voice attracted attention, and her mother encouraged her to record her own album. She has since produced four albums: “Vhafumakadzi,” “Lufu Lwanga Lusongo vha Bindu la Vhathu,” “Tshiseo nga Nngwa,” and “Bruwari,” a collaboration with well-known singer Mukosi.



House music sensation Mrofha in full flight, wearing a swimming costume during her show at Thohoyandou. She says she will not stop wearing this attire during performances as long as it puts food on the table. Photo supplied.


By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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