Ndini Uyo hitmaker Mitchel Jambo back with a bang

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After a four-year hiatus from the recording studio, Rhumba music maestro Mitchel Jambo has made a powerful comeback. The “Ndinyi Uyo” and “Todi” hitmaker released a single titled “Mma Wee” a fortnight ago.

Jambo, along with his band The Marunga Brothers, took a step back from the limelight after the release of the hit song “Zvinenguva” in 2019, which translates to “everything has its time”. Jambo and his band’ss time has seemingly come again.

The new project was recorded at Worship House Shayandima and was engineered and produced by the well-known Maicel Mahendere of the Mahendere Brothers. On this project, Jambo received assistance from Marko Mu Africa, who played the bass guitar. The rhythm guitar was played by Willard Simbini, and the sub-rhythm was played by Wilson Kumbuya. Joseph Soza played the lead guitar with Robert Ngwaneni on drums.

Jambo explained that his new single addresses the theme of mothers who feel they must choose a wife for their beloved sons. When the sons do not like or love the girl the mother wants him to marry, conflicts arise. “The era of choosing wives for your sons has long passed. Let them choose their own life partners,” emphasized Jambo.

Jambo, also a life teacher, noted that his music reflects his philosophies. “I take my time to release a song; I don’t just release it for the sake of competition. When producing a song, it is for life, so one must make sure that what you are giving to the people is well-cooked. My fans should be patient with me as an album is in the offing and will be released soon,” he added.

Born in 1960 at Dandazi in the province of Hurungwe, Zimbabwe, Jambo began writing songs in 1979. He moved to Harare in 1983 and had spells as a backing vocalist with a few bands before embarking on a solo career. He relocated to Vhembe in 2006 and currently lives in Muledane.


Rhumba music maestro Mitchell Jambo released a new single. Photo supplied.


By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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