Marule's own striking style gets recognition

Date:17 June 2021 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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Percy Marule from Mavambe village near Malamulele enjoys seeing his dreams become a reality through his unique style of art.

His beautiful work is slowly gaining international exposure too, as more national galleries exhibit his paintings. Since some of his earlier work has proved quite successful and earned him a good reputation in the art industry, he is now based in Vosloorus, Gauteng.

Marule learned to appreciate art at home when he was just a boy. “My father always drew house plans, which inspired me to draw. We also had paintings on the walls in the house where I grew up and that too inspired me to paint.”

He specialises in pencil drawings (portraits), painting on canvases, boards and walls, digital art (using Photoshop Illustrator), street art (graffiti) and cartoons. He has developed his own unique style, which he calls ‘conscious art’. “My art communicates the relationship between land, sun, air, nature and water, as they are the most important elements in life.” For Marule, art is both expression and creation, and the two cannot be separated.

“I made a very good portrait of Ali Boy in the same style,” he said. “Ali Boy is an international artist who displayed my piece on various social media platforms, thus exposing it to his worldwide fans. This means international exposure for me.”

He recently showcased his art along with 25 other artists at the Newtown Junction Mall. The event was sponsored by Gauteng’s Department of Sports, Arts and Culture. He also exhibited at the AMPD Studios and the Growing Gauteng Together 2030 Programme’s event (GGT2030) at Newtown Precinct.

“My art appears in still-life paintings and portraits and is very vibrant and colourful,” he said. “Already I have put my unique style into the art industry across the world.”

Percy Marule is available on most social media platforms and can be reached on Tel 078 356 6395. 



Percy Marule, a visual artist and resident of Mavambe village near Malamulele, is making his own dreams come true with his art. Picture supplied 


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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