Ndivhaleni Musetha's talent is a blessing

Date:09 March 2020 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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Ndivhaleni Musetha's talent is gospel dynamite. She is a blessing to those who listen to her music as she continues to mesmerise them with new melodies.

She is one songwriter who also produces good music, and she considers herself a minister of God's Word through music.

“My singing talent started at home where my mother, Vho-Masindi Netshisaulu, was always singing as she did her home chores,” she said. “I was 11 when I realised that I, too, could sing in an amazing way.”

In Grade 6, her maths teacher would ask her to sing Numerator and Dominator before she could assume her teaching lessons for the day. “I would sing from my heart and all the attention and praise from fellow learners were further confirmation that I was a talented singer,” she said.

Her talent initially flourished while she was singing in a musical group, BAC Worshipers. “It was in that very group that I got to hone my singing skills,” she said.

She stated that, to her, music spoke to the inner person, a medicine that healed the broken-hearted, and a way of communicating with people. “We find joy and comfort from music,” she said. “Therefore, to me, music is life.”

She mentions Hani Mutele for her mentor. “What I like about him the most is that he is an excellent music teacher,” she said. “He's a selfless human being. He so believed in my talent that, when he found out that I was unable to pay the studio fee, he recorded my first album, U lithemba lami, for free.”

She is currently inspired by Juanita Bynum, who is an excellent singer in her own right. “She's a bold woman with a strong heart,” she said. “When she worships (sings) she feels that she's not playing games but that she is in a heavenly realm.” 

Musetha's other albums are U mmbidzelele, Ebenzer, and Ndi khou ita zwiswa.

She has had an opportunity to share the stage with Rebecca Malope and Benjamin Dube. She is now involved with the VENPRAISE project.

She was born in Thengwe Mulodi, and she practises fellowship at Bethlehem Apostolic Church under the shepherdship of Bishop SK Netshisaulu.



Ndivhaleni Musetha.


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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