Hot Ice, the darling of Musina FM

Date:25 May 2019 - By:

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Meet Justice Langa, the celebrated, award-winning radio personality who doubles as a presenter and marketing manager for the local community radio station, Musina FM.

Those who know him will agree that the pleasure of radio would not be complete without his thrilling voice behind the microphone. Justice, who is affectionately called Hot Ice by his adoring fans, presents the morning drive show, The Early Rush, on weekdays between 06:00 and 09:00.

He recalls how he found himself at Musina FM. “I had a dream of becoming a radio presenter from a very young age. When Musina FM was conceived, I had a feeling that the institution will be a steppingstone towards the realization of my future dreams. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a notice calling for auditions in 2009. I knew I was at the right place at the right time and wasted no time. Fortunately, everything went according to my plan and the following year, I got an award for the Overall Best Presenter. And everything is now part of history.”

Justice says his programme is educational, entertaining and an engagement platform to members of the local community. “The most important thing is to engage with your listeners on issues that affect them on a daily basis. You must come up with something unique that will compel your listeners not to change the dial. My recipe for more listenership is to give them more local unique contents that they will not find anywhere else. Radio is in my blood and I will not leave it until my last day on earth.”

He says he does not have time to waste as he switches to his marketing job just after his show every day. “I have to make sure that we are bringing enough revenue to the station through advertisements, partnerships and sponsorships. It is a very huge responsibility, taking into consideration that the radio depends on revenue for survival. I must also make sure that the image of the radio station is positively portrayed through aggressive marketing, branding and roadshows. It is also my responsibility to keep the database of all our clients and to engage with them to come on board from time to time.”

Justice has a message for budding radio presenters. “We all come from humble beginnings and we don’t become perfect at once. The more you spend time in this industry, the more you become perfect. You must be willing to learn and accept your mistakes, so that you can improve thereafter.”



Justice “Hot Ice” Langa is the darling of the airwaves for Musina FM listeners.