Junior Skheli's new album a must-have

Date:05 November 2018 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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Highly talented Tshivenda traditional music singer Sikheli Junior released yet another album, La Matshelo.

Loosely translated, La Matshelo only means Tomorrow or my future. The album comprises 12 tracks with some standout tracks such as Ndi a mufuna, Muvhuda, Mubai, Lupfumo, Ro ni kaidza, Buzz the nurse, Stop violence, Matakadzambilu, Vha a gungula, and Matsige.

A resident of Tshifudi village, Sikheli is not new to the music industry. He previously released other albums entitled Ladzani Shango, Nwali O Sinyuwa, Malovhele, Muthu Ndi Muya, and A thi nga fhumuli.

He maintained that he had a love for music at an early age and that he started music with his brother, Milton Nengudza, when they initiated a choir in the village in 1997. “I became part of the choir as a tenor backer,” he said. “Milton had seen talent in me and started to focus on grooming me and honing my voice. And it all worked out for the good because, from that very moment, I had not looked back. I had grown to establish myself as an awarding-winning singer who dishes music that entertains and pleases the listeners.”

He maintains that, just like all his previous albums, La Matshelo falls within the Afro-traditional genre.

Sikheli attended Mamathieledzha Primary School, Mangondi Primary School, and Gole Secondary School. Between the years 1999 and 2003, he joined Maniiini Jumbo Choir when they recorded an album. He was always highly sought-after as an adviser and lead vocalist in choirs in the neighbouring villages. “I was always in high demand and I pleased many choir leaders who even paid me for my services,” he said. “My music career changed dramatically when I met reggae artist Takzit, who urged me to go to the studio and record an album,” he said. “Takzit even introduced me to the best producers, and then followed the birth of my debut album, entitled Ladzani Shango.”

The very Ladzani Shango won the prize as best Venda album at the South African Traditional Awards in 2013. Sikhelo has such a thrilling voice and the skill of his guitar playing creates a unique sound. He said what he liked most about music was that all his songs carried powerful messages that his fans could easily relate to.

Sikheli is available on Facebook and can be reached on 079 486 3179.


Sikheli Junior.


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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