New Tshingondo album for Mukhuwa

Date:14 October 2018 - By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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Veteran musician Nelton Dama has come a long way in the music industry.

After more than 30 years as a recording artist, the musician, who goes by the name Mukhuwa and Devhula Band, has probably seen it all in this tough industry.

As a polished multi-instrumentalist, he has experimented with all types of music. The versatile musician from Tshifulanani Fhasi ha Bada has played with the likes of the late Eric Mukhese, Skhandule Mabasa, Ray Phiri and done sessions for many other big-name artists in Gauteng.

Good wine mellows with time, and Mukhuwa, who has other albums to his credit, has come out with a sizzling Tshingondo album, Tshengelo. The seven-track album took him a full year to complete and is regarded as one of his best productions so far. With tracks such as Lufuno Lwa Vhukuma, Vhana Vha Mme Anga and the title-track, Tshengelo, the album has catapulted Mukhuwa  into a league of his own. Within a very short  time after its release, many have purchased copies and it is still selling very well.

All tracks on the album have different messages directed at young and old. "I have experimented with all types of music over the years and have played with the best in the country. With the type of experience I have, I think I can take Tshivenda music to another level. Listen to this album and you will find out that it has been thoroughly worked on to produce the best product. I am very excited about the way my fans have received it.”

He added that it was an honour for him that ,only a few weeks after its release, it was nominated for the Best Tshivenda Tshingondo album in the 2018 Tshivenda Music Awards.

He said he was disappointed that Tshivenda music was not taking its rightful place in the South African music arena. He warned that if local artists did not come together and unite, even the government would not take them as seriously as other nationalities who played maskandi and Xitsonga music.

The album was composed and produced by Nelton Dama himself. All instruments were also played by him. It was recorded at his studio, Easy Road to Fame Studio at Tshifulanani.

For bookings and for copies, Dama can be phoned ed at 072 906 3671.


Nelton Dama.


By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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