Write with a purpose, don’t just write

Date:04 March 2018 - By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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A motivational speaker, Richard Rambau, has authored his first motivational book, Pathways to a Greater Success.

He said the book deals with how a person can discover him- or herself and achieve his or her dreams. It gives fruitful guidelines and principles that are necessary for success.

“It also talks about challenges that people face every day when they are working towards their goals and provides advice on how we can overcome challenges and defeat them,” he added. “The book talks about the ways that we have to travel to our desired destination.”

He added that what motivated him to write the book “is my disadvantaged upbringing and my painful past. I was also motivated by the belief that a person must not care about the negative circumstances but care about what they can do better tomorrow."

He said he discovered his motivating gift at the age of 14 years and his passion for writing developed at the age of 18. He was born at Ha-Nthabalala, Mailaskop. He described himself as a loving and caring person.

“Everyone was born with a purpose. We are all created uniquely and amazingly, and we have the power to make things happen. If you are a writer and wish to publish a book, make sure that it is your passion and you have something to say. Don’t just write in the name of writing. Always remember that people need to benefit from reading your book,” he concluded.

The book was launched on 10 February at Alexandra Atrec Sports Centre, Johannesburg. Those interested in purchasing it can phone him on 082 755 0703 or Avhapfani Nengome
on 072 197 4592.

The cover of the new book.

Richard Rambau. Photo supplied.


Richard Rambau. Photo supplied.


By: Mbulaheni Ridovhona

The 22-year-old Mbulaheni (Gary) Ridovhona has been passionate about journalism to the extent that he would buy himself a copy of weekly Univen students' newsletter, Our Voice. After reading, he would write stories about his rural village, Mamvuka, and submit them to the very newsletter for publication. His deep-rooted love for words and writing saw him register for a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies at the University of Venda, and joined the Limpopo Mirror team in February 2016 as a journalism intern.