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Date:30 September 2017 - By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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The award-winning gospel singer, Rhuu Tshikovha, believes that talent is supplemented by hard work.

“Talent is not enough in any artistic field,” she said. “One needs to work hard, so that the product can leave a lasting mark.”

A resident of Tshixwadza village, Rhuu released her debut album, Madzanga, last year. It comprises 10 songs which include, Mighty, Ritshila Ngaye, (He is) The way, Wait on the Lord, and Big rewards.

This album was produced by the legendary Dan “Splash” Tshanda at Dalom Music Studios. Tshanda discovered Rhuu's talent while she was singing an item at her grandmother’s birthday in 2015, where Dan was an invited guest. “He instantly noticed my talent and we made arrangements to work on Madzanga,” she said.

She managed to win the award for Best gospel album during an event at the Malamulele Stadium on 26 November last year.

Rhuu also received a nomination in the Afri-Dzonga Music Awards 2017 for Best female artist. All voting details are on her social media platforms. She is also actively involved in youth development activities and she had recently donated a wheelchair to a special school at Tshixwadza village.

“Everyone has a responsibility to play a part in solving the community's challenges,” she said. “Once I heard about the shortage of wheelchairs at the disability centre at Tshixwadza village, I was touched, especially after hearing how difficult it is for the children to be moved around. What I learned from this is that you do not need to be a millionaire to help the needy. Sometimes they just need to be loved, and love is for free,” she explained.

Madzanga is available at online stores. “I am also keen on helping and mentoring youths, so they can enter the music industry with much better knowledge of the industry,” she said.

Those interested in Rhuu's music can phone her on 083 797 8827 or 063 024 1205 or email rhuutshikovha.info@gmail.com.

You can also support Rhuu on:         


Rhuu Tshikovha is seen with the Afri-Dzonga Music Awards 2016 award for the best gospel album.


By: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho

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