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Eight people killed in gruesome taxi accident

24 April 2014 By Isabel Venter
News: The Easter weekend got off to a tragic start with a gruesome taxi accident that left eight people dead along the Thohoyandou road last Thursday evening.
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Sports centre for Kutama

24 April 2014 By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo
Sport: The new, modern multi-purpose sports courts in the Kutama area will help to nurture the future sports stars of South Africa, said the Minster of Sports and Recreation, Mr Fikile Mbalula, during the recent handover of two multi-purpose sports courts.
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Sotshayo wins anti-rape sketch contest

24 April 2014 By Silas Nduvheni
News: Realising that the number of rape cases in villages such as Tshisaulu, Phiphidi and Tshiombo were increasing, the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme (TVEP), in conjunction with the Safer South African Foundation, has organized a competition where the participants can sketch anti-rape posters.
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Another mysterious killing

17 April 2014 By Elmon Tshikhudo
News: The grieving mother of a 26-year-old Tshisahulu-Siawoadza woman, who was found floating in the water at the Tshidumbi River bridge between Shayandima and Itsani, said she had accepted that she would not see her daughter again.
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“I was told that my days are numbered”

17 April 2014 By Phathutshedzo Luvhengo
News: The article that a Limpopo Mirror correspondent wrote two weeks ago may be the reason he has received several threatening calls the past week. The unidentified callers are seemingly upset with a story about a Makhado councillor who is being investigated for the alleged illegal selling of houses for the poor in Tshikota.
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thanx very much for mirror because informs us about everything that is happening at Vhembe each and every Friday,we salute guys keep on doing good job

ZACANSLEY THEMBA MULIWA - 2014-04-04 07:57:36

"Rise lidoda duvha rise", I am decisively impressed with Coach Papic mmmmmm working towards success.....I can feel it "loswika duvha"

ZAmahamba khuthadzo - 2014-03-28 15:23:59

It is that time of the year where people from all corners of life celebrate Valentine’s Day(14 February). For those who are lucky to be loved, I say it is nice to be you and stealing ones heart, but please play the game responsibly and not to add on the statistics for AIDS pandemic. For those who are not loved enough please don’t force yourself to one who do not love you. Avoid pleasing people who do not love you because of peer pressure. Remember ABC methods

ZANdivhuwo Mukhethoni - 2014-02-10 14:52:11 very impressed about that man sentenced life in prison, we are sick and tired of those people with wrong characters.

ZAOrries Mudznani - 2013-07-20 11:19:38

Hello, I would like to congratulate my home newspaper for having a functional digital publication. This also assist some of us who are not closer to home to be well-informed with what is happening in our beloved communities. Thank you!!! Keep up the awesome work!

ZAIfa Tshishonge - 2013-06-13 15:45:45

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