The 14-year-old football magician, Vhulenda Nemalili, is flanked by his parents, Ms Vuledzani Nemalili and Mr Pfunzo Nemalili. Photo supplied.

Vhulenda (14) amazes with his soccer skills


A 14-year-old boy had more than three thousand fans jumping up and down whenever he touched the ball during the annual Coach Dolezar Soccer Tournament played at the Madodonga Grounds in Vondwe on Thursday.

If renowned soccer scout Ephraim Jomo Sono had been in attendance on Thursday, the lanky soccer magician would be on his way to join Jomo Cosmos, and hopefully be sold to an international football team from top footballing countries in Europe in the next coming weeks.

Vhulenda Nemalili can do anything with the ball, except make it talk. At such a tender age, the way he traps the ball, runs into free spaces and crosses the ball is out of this world.

He also knows how to slow the game down, how to run at his opponents with the ball glued to his feet, and cut through midfielders like a knife through bread. To be precise, he is in his own class.

He was named Man of the Tournament and was the top goal scorer. In the semi-final match against Tshitereke Young Citizens, he scored a hat trick when his team knocked out the Citizens 3-1.

After the game, his parents said if a professional team’s scout knocked on the door for his services, they would not stand in his way. His father, Mr Pfunzo Nemalili, said he would obviously inquire about his living conditions and schools around the place.

“I will give him the opportunity to go and play football as he loves and enjoys playing the game. But I have to be convinced that he will be in a safe environment where he would be able to further his studies without any hindrance. Football is a short career, and one has to have a safe career after football,” he said.

His mother, Ms Vuledzani Nemalili, concurs with her husband.



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