Mr Mulimisi Eric Muneri.

Stage set for promotional playoffs


Following the decision by the South African Football Association (SAFA) to declare the 2019/20 soccer season programmes for all their leagues complete, teams who were on top of their respective MMK Administrators League Streams when the league programme came to a halt in March this year are gearing up for the promotional playoffs.

The annual event will be staged at four different venues this weekend. The nine teams that will represent their respective streams in the playoffs are: United Artists, Madridtas FC, Ngwenani Young Chiefs, Muziafera Blue Eagles, Mpheni Home Defenders, Mashamba Soccer Academy, Rabali Pull Together, Musina United and Berea FC.

According to SAFA Vhembe’s chairman for the competitions committee, Mr Mulimisi Eric Muneri, the teams will be divided into three groups. The first group will battle it out for a place in the regional final at the Rabali Stadium. The Tshifulanani Stadium will host another group, while the third group will play their matches at the Saselamani Stadium.

The group-stage matches will be played tomorrow. Mr Muneri revealed that the top teams in their respective groups, together with the best runner-up, will meet in the semi-final stage. The semi-final matches and the regional final are expected to be staged at the Makhuvha Stadium on Sunday. The regional champions will represent the region in the provincial playoffs.

The provincial playoffs are scheduled for next weekend (14 and 15 November) at the Mahwelereng Stadium in Mokopane. SAFA Vhembe Regional Association was represented by Mpheni Home Defenders in the provincial tournament last year. Home Defenders failed to make the grade in the tournament after missing out on promotion by a whisker.




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Date:06 November 2020 - By: Frank Mavhungu

Frank Mavhungu

Frank is a Human Resources Manager at the Department of Public Works in Limpopo. He is the longest serving correspondent of the Mirror, having joined us at the end of 1990.  He mainly writes sports reports and resides at Tsianda Village. In 2004, Frank won the National Castle League Award, an award for the best reporter in the SAB league in South Africa.



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