Kulani Nkuna of Young Tigers (front) and Wavhudi Matidze of Try Again chase the ball.

Try Again tame Young Tigers


Mashawana Young Tigers will not take part in the next round of the prestigious Thulamela Mayoral Cup Tournament, following their 0-1 defeat at the hands of Ndondola Try Again at the Tshisaulu Lwandani Sports Fields on Sunday.

Try Again did not abandon their original game plan, despite the fact that Young Tigers were all over them for the better part of the game. They continued to play defensive football and relied on counter-attacks. That prompted Young Tigers to move two players forward to add to the numbers of the strikers.

The keeper of Try Again, Maano Tshisevhe, was the busiest player in the game. Tshisevhe did not press the panic button, even though Young Tigers were firing on all cylinders. He braved numerous shots, pulling off some brilliant saves time after time.

The players nearly spoiled their beautiful game by demonstrating their rough skills. The referee did not allow any of the culprits to go unpunished. He flashed seven yellow cards in quick succession, four of which went to Try Again. The scoreboard was still blank when the teams adjourned for half time, despite the fact that Young Tigers were unstoppable.

The game came to a standstill for about 11 minutes early in the last half. At that time, the medical staff were busy attending to the injury of the Try Again’s keeper, Maano Tshisevhe. Try Again started to play attacking football after replacing Emmanuel Raulinga and Eugene Matsea with Benjamin Matsego and Ndivhuwo Nemathaga respectively.

The goal through which Try Again secured a place in the next round of the competition came in the 78th minute. Thendo Netselo dribbled past two Tigers defenders in a row before beating the keeper with a ground cutter. Realizing that victory was almost certain, Try Again played defensive football for the remaining part of the game.



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Date:28 March 2019 - By: Frank Mavhungu

Frank Mavhungu

Frank is a Human Resources Manager at the Department of Public Works in Limpopo. He is the longest serving correspondent of the Mirror, having joined us at the end of 1990.  He mainly writes sports reports and resides at Tsianda Village. In 2004, Frank won the National Castle League Award, an award for the best reporter in the SAB league in South Africa.



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