Granny Alidzuli Musiamo was surrounded by her children and grandchildren on her 100th birthday. Photo supplied.

Granny Alidzuli celebrates her 100th birthday


The rural village of Ha-Mashau nearly came to a standstill last Saturday (30 July), when family and friends arranged a surprise party to celebrate Granny Alidzulwi Musiamo’s 100th birthday.

Musiamo, surrounded by her loved ones, sat like a princess at the beautifully decorated table as speakers took turns to share how she had contributed to their lives.

One of her children, Ms Mpho Musiamo, said they wanted to give their mother a party to show her that all her children and grandchildren loved and appreciated her very much. “This is our way of showing appreciation to a senior citizen. I believe that, as from today, my mother will really believe that we love her too. Our mother is a woman who likes reading the Bible all the time and she loves her family very much. She never misses going to church on a Sunday.”

Mpho said that young people must look and learn from events like these that older people should be respected and loved, not abused. “Our elders are blessings, and we must take care of and honour them.”

Granny Musiamo thanked her children and grandchildren for making her 100th birthday so special. She told Limpopo Mirror that she had never gone to school. “During our days, there was no schooling. Our parents did not go to school either, but things are different now. It is important for the children to get educated.”

Asked about the secret to her long life she replied: “Eat healthy and listen to the advice of the elders.”



Date:06 August 2022 - By: Kaizer Nengovhela

Kaizer Nengovhela

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