Thovhele Midiyavhathu Tshivhase (standing on the left), the 2021 top achievers in the Vhembe region, Thovhele Gole Mphaphuli (in the middle, holding the Old Mutual Money Account), and Judge Justice Raulinga (far right) during a farewell lunch held for the learners at Mbilwi Secondary School’s auditorium on Saturday, 22 January. Photo: Silas Nduvheni.

Vhembe region has three schools in Club 100


The Vhembe East District Director for the Department of Education, Dr Gerson Rambiyana, congratulated Mbilwi Secondary School, Tshivhase Secondary School and Thengwe Secondary School – all from the Vhembe region - on making it into the elite Club 100.

A school qualifies to be a member of this prestigious club when a hundred or more of its candidates pass mathematics and physical sciences.

Mbilwi (Sibasa Circuit) produced 164 candidates, while Thengwe Secondary (Tshilamba Circuit) produced 137, and Tshivhase (Tshinane Circuit) 108 candidates.

“Although we are disappointed with the Vhembe region’s 2021 matric results, in terms of quality results, we are tops in the province. We are the only region in the province that was able to qualify to become part of the Club 100. We are also happy that one of our own schools, Dimani Secondary School, made it to be the top of the Club 50 agricultural science public schools,” said Dr Rambiyana.

Rambiyana was joined by Thovhele Midiyavhathu Tshivhase, Thovhele Gole Mphaphuli, Judge Justice Raulinga, sponsors and some well-wishers for the 15 top Vhembe matric achievers during a farewell lunch held at Mbilwi Secondary School’s auditorium on Saturday, 22 January.

Thovhele Tshivhase addressed the guests on behalf of the Tshivhase Development Trust. “As royal leaders, we congratulate the good efforts made by these top achievers who will be furthering their studies. We are giving each of them R5 000 as pocket-money to spend when they start the academic year at their various universities,” he said.

The area manager of Old Mutual Punda Maria, Mr Ntakadzeni Sibuda, said they had partnered with the Vhembe Department of Education to also be able to lend a helping hand towards children’s educational development.

Sibuda said that, through an Old Mutual Money Account, they were opening a bank account for each of the 15 top learners, which would be loaded with R500. They also donated handsets to use with their laptops, especially when the students have to attend virtual classes.



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Date:27 January 2022 - By: Silas Nduvheni

Silas Nduvheni




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