Rendani Cinatilo Ndou of Ha-Mashau Thenga shows the grinder he bought from saving his R350 Covid relief grant to start his own welding business.

Covid grant can open doors


The R350 Covid relief grant seems to be making a remarkable difference in some of the recipients’ lives. Just ask Rendani Cinatilo Ndou (31) of Ha-Mashau Thenga outside Elim, who has successfully used this special grant to start his own small business.

Ndou said that he saved his Covid relief grant month after month to buy the necessary tools he needed to start a welding business, and now he is finally equipped and in business, able to make a living for himself and his family.

“When the government introduced the R350 Covid relief grant, I was very happy, as I did not have formal employment. I told myself that this was my only chance to improve my life. When the money came in, I saved it because I had big plans for my life. With the money, I bought some chemicals and approached local people to clean their water tanks and sofas at affordable rates. Then I bought some cleaning material and started cleaning old graves for the locals,” said Ndou. This was all so that he could save up to eventually do what he really wanted to do.

He had a vision of venturing into the welding business, but did not have the equipment he needed. “I told my uncle, Joseph Rambuwani, about my dream. Being a prolific welder himself, he gave me an old welding machine and told me to use it until I could afford to buy my own one. I used the grant money to buy rods, blades and protective clothing. Last week, I was able to buy the grinder and my welding business is ready to operate at last. I am now working on registering my company, so that I can work professionally.”

He advises other young people to use the Covid relief grant effectively. “I feel so sad when I see young people drinking away their grant money instead of using it to create jobs for themselves. South Africa needs young, self-dependent youths. They should not be sitting around, waiting for government to create jobs for them. We should all wake up and do something constructive to improve our lives.”



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