Identical twins Lufuno (left) and Tshifhiwa Lukhwa are very close and still enjoy every moment they get to spend together.

Folovhodwe's twins still love spending time together


“People often confuse us because we look the same, but family and close friends who know us well can easily tell us apart,” said twin brothers Lufuno Lucky and Tshifhiwa Borny Lukhwa from Folovhodwe village outside Musina.

The twins, aged 36 now, were born on 3 May 1985. When they were little boys, everyone adored and made a fuss over them. “We used to wear the same outfits, which made it especially difficult for others to tell us apart. We even sounded identical. This was just normal life to us, until around the time we turned seven, and we started to realize that we were different from other children because we looked exactly the same,” Lufuno said. “But I think we are starting to look less alike as we grow older, because we have completely different personalities and characters.”

Tshifhiwa said that they loved looking at pictures from when they were young. “We are both very proud to be special. We spend most of our spare time together and enjoy every moment of it, because we are very close. It’s great to be twins; there is a special bond between us, thereby making life enjoyable when we are together.”

The pair thank their late parents, Norah and Joe Lukhwa for taking the time to give them individual choices, for letting them express their feelings, and letting them know that they are unique individuals. “They allowed us to have our own likes and dislikes because they knew that we were two completely different people. We wish for their souls to continue to rest in peace wherever they are. Today we can look back with pride and smile because our parents raised us with love and affection.”




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