Young IT guru Khuliso Excellent Muvhango with the FOTYA (Founder of the Year Award) Africa Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 award. Photo supplied.

Muvex brings FOTYA award home


“This is overwhelming indeed,” said the humble young CEO of Muvex ICT, Khuliso Excellent Muvhango. He was responding to the news that he had won the FOYA (Founder of the Year) Africa Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 award.

The prestigious annual event was held in Nairobi, Kenya, on 3 September this year. Muvhango, an IT guru from Nzhelele Tshavhalovhedzi, invented a ‘digital classroom’ to help learners attend class from wherever they are and, at the same time, make education “fashionable” for learners. The idea was born in light of the Covid-19 pandemic that is causing so much disruption to the school calendar. 

Due to a delay in Covid-19 test results, Muvhango could unfortunately not leave the country in time to attend the award ceremony where, in his absence, he was announced joint winner in the under-30 category, together with Erick Chiyota. Each had won a trophy, certificate and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Muvhango said the awards had already brought a lot of exposure to his fast-growing company, known for its educational gadgets. “When this competition started a few months ago, we were only a little-known company,” he said. In the competition, they were competing against big companies doing business with the government, whose exposure was far greater than theirs.

“This is a milestone for us, and we will not be doing any justice if we do not thank you guys (Limpopo Mirror) for putting us on the map. Today we are known all over the continent and our client base has increased,” Muvhango said.
Muvex ICT had initially come up with this innovation to help learners during these difficult times, but their project has opened new doors – not only across the African continent but the rest of the world.

“Our credibility has improved tremendously, strengthening the bond we have with our clients. Our representing the country so well means a lot to us, and we shall continue to do well for the sake of our communities,” Muvhango said.




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Date:18 September 2021 - By: Maanda Bele

Maanda Bele

Maanda  Bele, born and raised in Nzhelele Siloam, studied journalism at the Tshwane University of Technology.

He is passionate about current news and international affairs.

He worked as part of the Zoutnet team as an intern in 2017.

He is currently a freelance journalist specialising in news from the Vhembe district.



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