Dr Cedric Nnzekiseni Mathoho and his wife, Khathutshelo Melva Mathoho, took their jabs to dispel false myths that are being spread surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine. 

'Stop telling lies about the vaccine'


“People must stop scaring others by saying that the Covid-19 vaccination is the mark of the beast. The vaccination is here to save lives!” says Dr Cedric Nnzekiseni Mathoho, a highly respected man of the cloth and founder of Living Rock Church of Christ.

Mathoho, who hails from Tshiombo village, decided to go public after he and his wife, Khathutshelo Melva Mathoho had taken their jabs to dispel the countless myths surrounding the Covid-19 vaccines. According to him, most of the myths are falsely spread in the name of the Lord.

Mathoho has been a pastor for many years and says he understands the Bible very well. “The Bible that I read tells me that the mark of the beast will be on people’s foreheads and not on their shoulders. The Bible further tells me that the mark of the beast will come after all the true Christians have ascended to heaven. We are all still alive on this earth and should take the vaccine in order for the world to go back to normal again. If you don’t want to be vaccinated, don’t lie by telling people that the vaccination belongs to the power of darkness.”

What worries him most, he says, is that so many of the poor people have been misled by these myths and now are too afraid to take the vaccine. “Our president, ministers, various community leaders and prominent figures have acted wisely by taking the vaccine first. This clearly demonstrates that they are good leaders who want ordinary people to follow in their footsteps. As a community and religious leader, I had to lead by example too, so that others follow suit. Once we have all taken the vaccine, the world will again be a better place to live in.”

Mathoho adds that the government’s main objective is to save lives. “Although I respect people’s views, as the vaccination is voluntary, I would recommend and encourage everyone to take their jabs as soon as possible.”




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