Workers at the Musina Municipality Licensing Unit work with their gloves on to minimise the possible spread of the coronavirus.

Border town says it is ready for coronavirus


Musina Municipality has welcomed the presidential declaration of the national disaster, following the outbreak of the coronavirus in South Africa and the world. Musina Mayor Mihloti Muhlope said the municipality would abide with all the precautionary measures as announced by Pres Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday. 

She said as a border town, the community of Musina should always be on high alert because thousands of people crossed the Beit Bridge border post daily. “We commend the Department of Health and all stakeholders who are conducting screening at the border post. Despite the concern about the number of infections that is growing daily, we are satisfied by the preparedness of our government towards the fight against this pandemic. This situation does not face the government alone. We all have to come together to fight and win the war against this difficult situation that we are facing now.”

Muhlope said the municipality had suspended all major gatherings. “We will stick to the notion that all gatherings should be suspended unless it is impossible to do so. If the gathering is of utmost importance, it should be comprised of fewer than 100 people as per the President’s instruction. However, strict precautionary measures should be taken in every meeting, no matter how small the number of attendees is.”

She said despite the closure of schools and institutions of higher learning, the municipality would remain open but strict precautionary measures would be taken to make sure that workers and community members were safe. “We are in an emergency, but at the same time, our people should be served. We encourage community members to come to the municipality in small groups and to avoid long queues. Practising safe hygiene is the most important preventative measure that we can use.”

She outlined some preventative measures that the municipality has put in place: “Sanitizers have been put in the bathrooms and at front desks to ensure employees and visitors wipe their hands regularly. The biometric system has been locked down and employees are encouraged to use one main entrance. Employees are also encouraged to keep their desks, tables, telephones and keyboards clean and wipe them with disinfectant regularly.”




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