Community members from Tshitavha Sambandou surround the gravesite of Alpheus Vhudzikadzika where the remains of a headless body was dug up by the police on Tuesday morning. 

Shock as body without head is dug up at graveyard


A 17-year-old girl’s staggering testimony about allegedly being part of a gang that robbed graves of body parts to sell on the muti market has caused a stir in the community of Tshitavha Sambandou (outside of Thohoyandou).

The girl approached her local traditional leader with her harrowing revelations last Tuesday (22nd), and has since been placed in a witness protection programme of the Thohoyandou police. Hence her identity cannot be made public.

According to information made available to the Limpopo Mirror, the girl said that she assisted her boyfriend to dig up graves in the local cemetery at night. They would then cut off body parts as needed and sell them to traditional healers.

She told of two different incidents where the head and the bones of two different deceased people were stolen.

The matter was reported to the police, who visited the mentioned gravesites on Tuesday (29th) to verify the girl’s information.  Inside the grave of Alpheus Vhudzikadzika (74), who was buried in August last year, the police discovered a body without a head.

The Limpopo Police spokesperson, Brig Motlafela Mojapelo, said that the remains would be forensically tested. He further confirmed that the police had opened cases of grave vandalism and the desecration of a deceased for further investigation. "The suspect is known to us and it will be just a matter of time before we bring him to book,” he said.

Mojapelo further urged to the community to remain calm and assist the police if they have any more information regarding the incident.

Read the full report in the printed edition of the Limpopo Mirror this coming Friday.



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    anna 14 months ago

    I believe that investigation should go deeper and in lenght as to who benefit from traditional healers who uses such muti to gain powers so many people are involved not only the two where and who is the source

  • Avatar
    Uncle Sol Mashimbye 14 months ago

    Why would a normal human being do this horrible things and still walk tall breathing God's breath without feeling any long as this girl has come forward,the police must follow the leads and arrest the suspect's.this must be the girls boyfriend,the traditional healers and the recipients of this unholy muti.amongst the recipients should be past and present one's so that the syndicate are completely eradicated.Any sorts of beneficiaries of this kind including properties must be taken away by the state to discourage the would be Donkies to continue doing this horrible deeds.If found guilty which is obvious the perpetrators must forfeit all the right enjoyed by prisoners and be treated harshly for the rest of their lives,they must just not be seen to be prisoners but they must just be in prison serving times for their wrong doings.

  • Avatar
    Ndivhuwo Mukhethoni 14 months ago

    So scary, I never thought this could happen in our region vhembe.


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