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'Our graveyards should be sacred places - not a dumping ground'

News: 22 May 2022

Limpopo Mirror correspondent Bernard Chiguvare visited the cemetery in Nancefield earlier this month. He was invited to go there to witness the shocking state of the graveyard. Here is his own account of what he found:

Written by: Bernard Chiguvare

Nsovo now earns her living by making other people beautiful

News: 22 May 2022 By Thembi Siaga

Upcoming make-up artist Nsovo Valoyi from Bungeni has grown her passion for make-up into a viable business. She realised that, to find success in life, you should use what you have at your disposal and run with it. With this perspective, she has figured out how to make ends meet as a beautician.

Wonder Juniper obtains his PhD

News: 21 May 2022 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Well-known Phalaphala FM presenter and part time media studies lecturer at the University of Venda, Wonder Juniper, obtained his PhD in media studies at the University of Limpopo on 7 May.

Mopani trees under threat as gangs start stripping Niani area

News: 21 May 2022 By Elmon Tshikhudo

The Vhembe region boasts one of the most beautiful and valuable trees - the Mopani - but experts warn that if people do not start to protect it from the hands of careless woodcutters, it will lead to dire consequences for the indigenous birds and animals of the area.

Caiphus' passion is to teach people to care for the earth

News: 21 May 2022

If South Africans do not start to take better care of the environment, they will soon be left with nothing for future generations. This is the view of local environmental assessment practitioner Mr Caiphus Mukwevho.

Phase 1 of D3715 road rehabilitation done

News: 20 May 2022 By Kaizer Nengovhela

Residents of Sinthumule/Kutama were exuberant when the 3,5 km rehabilitated D3715 road from Madabani to Madodonga reopened for motorists on 7 May.

Family devastated after nine-room house burns down

News: 20 May 2022 By Kaizer Nengovhela

The Mufamadi family from Makononi village, next to Ha-Tshisele, were left speechless with shock after their nine-bedroom house burnt to ashes on Tuesday evening, 17 May.

Magogona family also lose father after 'bloody' Easter robbery

News: 20 May 2022 By Elmon Tshikhudo

The Magogona family, who have not yet recovered from the death of their mother, who was brutally killed during an attack and robbery at their house in Phiphidi over the Easter weekend, now they have to deal with losing their father as well.

Musina mayor still waiting to hear if he should step aside

News: 19 May 2022 By Kaizer Nengovhela

The embattled mayor of Musina, Cllr Nkhanedzeni Godfrey Mawela, says he is willing to step aside, but the ANC’s Integrity Commission must first tell him to do so. However, no urgency appears to exist for the setting of a date for such a hearing.