Sello “Sgwelo” John Maladzhi has not cut his dreadlocked hair for the past 16 years.

'Like Samson of the Bible, my power and wisdom come from my hair'


Sello John Maladzhi of Nancefield in Musina has not cut his hair for the past 16 years. As a result, he now sports a unique hairstyle, with four thick, dreadlocked strands bouncing on top of his head.

Maladzhi, nicknamed Sgwelo among the locals, says he enjoys his controversial look and ignores people who have a problem with it or do not like it. His hairstyle seems to have earned him a fan-club of his own as he often gets stopped by people who ask to take pictures with him. “When I move around, especially at the malls and public places, people stop me and ask to take pictures with me, which I enjoy. Some even want to know how I managed to do this with my hair, because they also want to do the same. They are always surprised when I tell them that I have not cut my hair for 16 years because that is something some of them have never not heard of.”

Asked what has made him refrain from cutting his hair for so long, Sgwelo answers: “Like Samson in the Bible, my hair gives me power and wisdom. That is why I vowed not to cut it again for the rest of my life. Everyone who knows me from my childhood will agree with me that, since I started growing dreadlocks, my life has changed drastically, and I am now a responsible man. I used to be a funny boy who engaged in brawls with my peers, but since I stopped cutting my hair, I live a peaceful life and I love and respect everyone around me. I am happy that the local community has accepted me, and they also respect me for who I am.”

He says he washes his hair twice a month with shampoo, Coke, hair nourishment and a watery liquid made from the cannabis plant. “I put the cleanliness of my hair before anything else. People often judge us by our hair, and that is why I make sure that my hair is always clean and smells good. My hair is my best feature, so I treat it like a refined piece of gold that I always keep close to myself. I give myself enough time to wash it, because it takes about three hours to fully dry.”

When Sgwelo was asked whether he was a Rasta or if he smoked marijuana, he quickly responded: “Just because I have four dreadlocks on my head, that does not make me a Rasta. The issue of whether I smoke marijuana or not, however, is a topic for another day. I am a pure, proud African who loves his culture, traditions and practices.”



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