Local environmental assessment practitioner Caiphus Mukwevho wants more young people to follow in his footsteps. Photo supplied.

Caiphus' passion is to teach people to care for the earth


If South Africans do not start to take better care of the environment, they will soon be left with nothing for future generations. This is the view of local environmental assessment practitioner Mr Caiphus Mukwevho.

Mukwevho, who grew up in Vleifontein, says that for more young people to consider a career in environmental science had become essential. “I call upon teachers, community leaders and parents to encourage our young brothers and sisters to follow this exciting career path. If we have more advocates for nature conservation, we will have a more balanced environment, thereby reducing the chances of natural disasters,” he said.

Mukwevho is a registered member of the Environmental Assessment Practitioners’ Association of South Africa (AEPASA). He attended primary school at Tshilaho and later proceeded to Tshiawelo High School, where he matriculated. Obsessed with his passion to save the environment, he enrolled at the University of Venda (Univen), where he completed his BSc degree in environmental science and also obtained a BSc honours degree in ecology.

“This is a good career because you can become your own boss once you have completed your studies, like I did myself,” he says.

He registered his own company, called Great Warthog Geo-Environmental, in 2017, which has been successfully operating since then. His love of this work has now prompted him to offer his assistance to aspirant environmental assessment practitioners to set up their own companies and help them grow. “The more environmental assessment practitioners we have, the better chance we have to save the ecosystem, reduce pollution and preserve landscapes, cultural heritage and endangered species.”

His daily tasks include conducting environmental impact assessments (EIAs) for various projects. “Through the EIA process, we make sure that we integrate social, economic and environmental factors in the planning, implementation and evaluation of decisions to ensure that development serves the present and future generations. This helps us to mitigate the impact of new development activities on the environment and health of the people,” he says.

He encourages young people who might be interested in following this career to get in touch with him for free assistance. He can be reached on Tel 082 269 4524 or on his Facebook page (Caiphus Mukwevho).



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