Some of the late Archbishop Tshisaphungo Samson Tshifularo Gogome's daughters, who came to support the new archbishop during the New African Apostolic Church's women's conference. From left to right are Funanani, Takalani, Joyce, the new Archbishop Tendani Nangammbi Tshifularo Gogome, Estere and Livhuwani. Photo supplied.

'Women must to be agents of change' - Archbishop Gogome


Women under the umbrella of the New African Apostolic Church from different branches in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo gathered at Malavuwe last month for their annual women's conference.

The conference was the first held after the death of the late leader of the church, Archbishop Tshisaphungo Samson Gogome Tshifularo, in 2020. His daughter, Ms Tendani Gogome Tshifularo, has since taken over the reins and has been ordained archbishop of the church.

The conference was held at the end of March 2022 under the theme “Women of great worth in the sight of God”. Among the esteemed guests was the local traditional leader, Khosi Mafenya Mphaphuli, who also addressed the gathering.

Church spokesperson Mr Mulafhi Tshifularo said the annual conference was significant in that it was the first under the leadership of Archbishop Gogome. “Women in this church have for two years been denied the chance to meet as a result of the Covid pandemic. Now that churches are opened, we felt we could not wait any longer. Women missed church and we could see the excitement and their active participation during the conference,” he said.

Khosi Vho-Mafenya Mphaphuli urged the new archbishop to continue the good work of her late father. “We really appreciate the good that you are doing in this community. Your teachings have improved lives tremendously and this makes us rule God's people in a peaceful atmosphere. Please copy the good your late father did for this community,” he said.

Speaking during the conference, Archbishop Gogome called on all women to be exemplary as described in the book of 1 Peter 3:3-5, where women are encouraged not only to focus on outward beauty, but that beauty should be from within.

“You are the light of this world and agents of change who, through your good deeds that come from deep down in your hearts, could change the menfolk. This will go a long way in ending the scourge of gender-based violence and domestic violence that is overwhelming our communities,” she said.

The archbishop further implored women to take care of their children and to warn them against drugs. “We know for a fact that children are suffering, even though the government is giving them grants that end up being used for gambling. This must stop and should benefit the children,” she said.



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Date:24 April 2022 - By: Elmon Tshikhudo

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