Koos Hlongwane does things for himself these days by selling fried chicken intestines.

Nothing is better than to be self-reliant, says Koos


Koos Hlongwane, a resident at Skoonplaas in Musina, tried to find a job for some years, but Lady Luck just never seemed to be smiling on him. With only R50 left in his pocket, he eventually concluded that if he did not do something about his situation himself and come up with a plan to generate an income, he was going to starve to death. So, Koos decided to start his own small business by selling fried chicken intestines at the gate of Skoonplaas Stadium.

To others this might not be much, but Koos now makes a living for himself. “Though some people look down on me, I’m happy because I no longer have to depend on someone else to get by.” He encourages others who are unemployed to “wake up and do something” to put food on the table.

If there is something Koos despises wholeheartedly, it is crime, and that is why he decided to rather be self-reliant than to beg for a living. “It pains me to see young boys and girls serving time in jail because of criminal activities. These young people become bad examples in their communities and end up not enjoying the privileges of life because of their criminal records. They need to forsake their evil ways, get up and start working to earn an honest income for themselves,” he said.

Koos has a small backyard vegetable garden where he plants his own vegetables. “One day, I sold some vegetables worth R50, and that was when I decided to do something meaningful with it. At first business was moving slowly, but I persevered until things started to get on track.”

In the evenings and on the weekends, when soccer tournaments take place at the stadium or when people get off from work, business is booming for Koos. “Many people are too tired to prepare a full meal themselves after work, so they prefer to just buy bread and enjoy that with my chicken fries. I thank all my customers, because it is their support that keeps my business running all the time.”




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