Villagers pointing to the place where Isaac Makhado, a local fisherman, was snatched and killed by a crocodile.

Fisherman dies after crocodile attack


An unemployed man, earning a living by doing piece-jobs and fishing, was killed by a crocodile at the Tshino-Hamangilasi dam in Vuwani.

Mr Isaac Badeane Makhado (47) went fishing in the dam on Wednesday, 3 February, as he often did. While he was fishing a crocodile snatched at his hand and dragged him into the water. His elder brother, Mr Ntsieni Makhado, told Limpopo Mirror that passers-by who saw Isaac fighting with the crocodile in the dam came to call them.

Ntsieni and Isaac’s son, Vuledzani Mabulela, ran to the dam and bravely went into the water, without waiting for police divers to arrive, in an effort to try to save Isaac from the crocodile. When the crocodile heard the commotion of the villagers, it let go of Isaac and swam away. Ntsieni and Vuledzani managed to get Isaac out of the water, but sadly Isaac had already drowned.

“He met his untimely death while fighting to get food for his eight children, and now there is no one to take care of them,” Ntsieni said.

Vuledzani, who is also a third-year student at the University of Venda, said that life will never be the same without his father, as Isaac’s piece-jobs and fishing not only provided for the family, but also helped paying for his (Vuledzani’s) tuition.

A petty headman (Vhakoma) in the Tshino-Hamangilasi village, Mr Makhishini Tshiruluvhela, said that they are saddened by the incident, as the death of a single villager is one too many for them. He warned the children and communities not to go swimming or fishing in the dam, as many crocodiles live in and around the water.

Limpopo police spokesperson, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, confirmed the incident and said that the police in Vuwani are investigating an inquest docket to determine the circumstances that lead to Isaac’s death.

He said that people should refrain from swimming and fishing in dams or rivers, as crocodiles are known to be found near and around water, including the Nandoni dam, during the rainy season.

In spite of Isaac’s death, the family said that they are consoled by the fact that they will at least be able to give him a dignified funeral, with all his body parts intact.

Isaac was buried at his home village on Tuesday, 9 February, under strict Covid-19 regulations.



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Date:11 February 2021 - By: Silas Nduvheni

Silas Nduvheni



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