Mr Kanakana Jutas Mathoho (82), captured with his special “life graduation” outfit.

A special coat for a special man


Mphiliseni Raedani surprised his maternal uncle, Mr Kanakana Jutas Mathoho of Tshiombo village, with an unusual birthday gift. While other community members spoil their loved ones with beautiful cakes and mouth-watering food, the maternal grandson decided to present his 82-year-old uncle with a “life graduation gown” marked with the words: “Master of life & Living Testimony”.  The gown was accompanied by a “graduation cap and graduation belt”.

Asked why he had decided to honour the old man in such an unusual way, the proud Raedani said: “At his ripe age, we have learnt a lot of good things from him. No-one needs to emphasize that my uncle knows the inside and outside of life. He lived his life very cleanly and he deserves the highest respect anyone can think of.”

Raedani says one of the mistakes that people made was to wait for their loved ones to pass on and then think of honouring them. “Let’s honour our loved ones with something they can see while they are still alive. Why wait for the academic institutions to honour your loved ones while you can do something to recognize them? It is a befitting honour because this old man knows what life is. Some people are honoured after they read about certain topics, but my uncle has experienced life in all its angles. It is good to appreciate him for leading a good life and to thank the Lord for guiding him in making wise decisions that contributed to his long life. Many people are departing from this earth at a young age, but he is very lucky to reach such an advanced age and still be strong.”

The jovial old man says there is nothing more fulfilling than being honoured by one of his own while he is still alive. “If I die now, I will die a happy man because I have been recognized in a very distinguished way. No words can express my gratitude to my grandson, who spent his hard-earned cash on designing, sewing and delivery of this special outfit.”




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