Young motor mechanic Lufuno Junior Mudau (7) of Tshiombo village works on a bakkie engine.

At age seven, Lufuno is already a very handy mechanic


When other young boys of his age are playing with toys after school, seven-year-old Lufuno Junior Mudau of Tshiombo village is busy fixing cars. This truly depicts the old statement “like father like son” because the little boy is the son of well-known local motor mechanic Sky Mudau.

The little boy, who is a Grade 1 learner at the local Tshiombo Primary School, is making a name for himself as one of the youngest motor mechanics in the area. His father explains how his son ventured into fixing cars. “I have been fixing cars for many years, and that is what I do for a living. When he was still a toddler, he would crawl into my toolbox and play with my spanners. Sometimes I would take him away from the workshop, but he would return and do the same thing again. When he turned five years old, I realised that he had in interest in what I do.”

Sky said he started by giving his son light duties, such as packing spanners and cleaning working tools. “One day when my assistant was not around, I asked my little boy to assist by handing spanners to me. I was surprised because he knew the size of any spanner without any doubt. As days went by, I requested him to tie and untie bolts and nuts and he was doing it excellently. He then started working on the engines with my supervision and he is now comfortable with doing everything on his own. At times when I’m not around, I give him work to do, and when I come back, I find everything completed with perfection.”

He said he wanted his son to be educated, but he should also be able to use has hands to generate some income when he grew up. “I’m happy that when I pass from this world, I am very sure that this boy will continue with my legacy of fixing cars.”

The young boy, who was working on the engine of a bakkie, said he enjoyed fixing cars more than playing with other kids. “I love it and I want to be a respected car mechanic like my father one day. Although I spend most of my time fixing cars, I am happy because my father gives me enough time to do my schoolwork.”




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