The spokesperson for the Musina Municipality, Mr Wilson Dzebu.

Musina's essential services not interrupted


The spokesperson of the Musina Local Municipality, Mr Wilson Dzebu, said essential services would not be interrupted during the entire lockdown period.

Dzebu said although the essential services would be available, community members in Musina were urged to observe all the safety measures and adhere to the lockdown guidelines at all times. “Services that will be available at municipal offices include electricity supply, water and sanitation, cashier services, credit control, traffic and law enforcement, refuse removal, burial and cemetery services. It is important to note that staff members who work as cashiers and burial and cemetery administrators will only work from 08:00 to 12:00 weekdays. All other services will be available at all times.”

Dzebu said although the municipality offices would be open, very strict control in terms of access by members of the public would be applied. He also emphasized some of the strict measures that the municipality has taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus.  “All municipal public facilities are closed with immediate effect. These include but are not limited to libraries, stadiums, show grounds, halls, golf club, gym, rugby club and all municipal meeting venues that are hired out to the public. Members of the public who wish to communicate with the municipality are encouraged to use e-mails, SMS and social media.

“The municipality encourages consumers to make use of electronic funds transfers and utilize authorised vendors to purchase electricity. In terms of the municipal cemetery, only one funeral service will take place at a time. Funeral times will be allocated to each bereaved family ,with a one-hour interval from one burial to another.”

He encouraged people to stay in their homes and only move out when absolutely necessary.  “The measures that have been put in place are not meant to punish us, but to protect us. We all have a role to play to make sure that the number of the people who are infected is lowered drastically.”

He provided the contact numbers which will be handy for assistance throughout the lockdown period: electricity (063 686 7788 / 083 457 2183 / 083 630 3649), water and sanitation (079 169 2122 / 071 356 2664 / 082 596 5041), cashiers/credit control (015 534 6215), traffic and law enforcement (082 885 6930 / 072 744 7006), refuse removal (076 062 2177 / 071 611 2444 / 082 613 6514), burial and cemetery services office (015 534 6190).




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